Gear List

The Lost Sierra Hoedown takes place outdoors, take time to prepare and you’ll be able to have fun and minimize impact all weekend.


Footwear – Comfortable shoes for walking, hiking and dancing.Don't forget your daytime supplies!

Clothing – Late September in the mountains can be hot, cold, rainy, windy, snowy or just right. Sometimes all in one day. Checkout the weather forecast before the event and pack extra layers accordingly.

Hydration – With all the excitement going on at the Lost Sierra Hoedown, remember to drink plenty of water. Water will be available on-site, please bring a re-usable water bottle. No Plastic Water Bottles.
Nutrition – You’ll need plenty of fuel to maximize enjoyment at the Lost Sierra Hoedown. Snacks are recommended, but please consider re-packaging your food to reduce waste.

Utensils/Dishware – Whether you are bringing your own meals or purchasing food from our vendors, try to bring your own utensils and dish ware to reduce waste.

Chairs & Blankets – Go ahead and relax, have a picnic, make yourself at home. Just don’t put those things too close to the stage.

Please Don’t Bring – Glass, Trash, Pets, Illegal Substances or Weapons.

On-Site Campers – check out the to campin’ guide prepare for “Stake Your Claim” camping.