Food Strategies

Feedin’ yourself at the Lost Sierra Hoedown should be delicious, easy, affordable & trash free! We have a few different strategies to fill your dancin’ bones with healthy nutrients.

Do-it-Yourself Camp Style

Feel free to bring in your own nifty coolers and containers of food! Cooking at camp is rewarding, fun and affordable. Here’s some tips and guidelines.

* Please bring food in sturdy containers and coolers. You’ll want something that can keep your stuff organized and out of reach from little critters. Plastic bags don’t really cut it for the Hoedown.

* No large barbecues or fires. Small camp stoves are great for getting the job done. Make sure to cook on a hard, durable surface far from any fire hazards. Flat rocks work great.

* Minimize any trash! Every cracker box, energy bar wrapper and bag of chips has the potential to blow away and turn in to litter. Please think extra hard about putting your snacks in reusable containers. Remember those reusable dishes and utensils! You’ll be left with much less trash to manage and pack out!

* Do your shopping local and buy in bulk! If you really want to put your money somewhere worthwhile, buy your groceries at the Quincy Natural Foods Co-op in Quincy or Feather River Food Co-op in Portola.

Electric Blue Elephant

EBElogoElectric Blue Elephant is back to provide us with plenty of tasty grub for 2016. EBE can hook you up with some delicious and healthy meals, no camp cooking required. Our friends at Electric Blue Elephant specialize in  “food made by hand, from scratch, with love from primarily local and organic ingredients…” Check out their website for more info!

Taqueria Marias

It’s been year’s in the making, we have Mexican food at the Lost Sierra Hoedown!