Off-site Camping/Lodging


“Campfire Time” at P.E.S.P. campground. One of our favorite park rangers leads a six piece band of washboard players, stick drummers and pine cone scratchers.

For folks who appreciate a quieter camping experience with hot showers, we recommend a campsite at Plumas-Eureka State Park’s campground.  The campground is about one mile from the concert venue. In the event that the Johnsville Ski Bowl Parking lot is full, we will run an on-call shuttle van between off-site camping and the Hoedown.

Plumas-Eureka State Park Info

Camping at the Plumas Eureka State Park campground is separate from the Ski Bowl and not included in our $100 ticket. is a great resource for finding all kinds of information on alternative lodging and activities near the Lost Sierra Hoedown. Check it out!