On-Site Campin’ Guide

Welcome to the “Stake Your Claim,” on-site tent camping guide! There is no additional charge for on-site camping. We encourage everyone to come on up to the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl and practice a weekend of simple livin’ in our plush and shady camp area, located right behind the Lodge and main stage. If you are searching more space, amenities and quiet time, we recommend camping off-site at the Plumas Eureka State Park campgrounds.


Upon Arrival… Please drive slowly through the town of Johnsville, you are almost there! You will be greeted and directed to temporary parking at our Box Office to pick up your credentials. We will guide you to the closest available parking space. Unfortunately, there is not enough parking on-site for Trailers, RVs or anything that takes up more than one parking space.  Be prepared to carry your own camping gear from the Ski Bowl Parking Lot to “Stake Your Claim” camping, or plan your arrival during the operating hours for the Cody Express Gear Shuttle. It’s about a short hike on a mulched road, but the first half is fairly steep. At the end of the walking path our friendly Camp Hosts will be available to guide you to your gear and explain camping options.

The Cody Express is available to help transport your camping gear from the parking lot to the on-site camping area. Load your stuff in the Cody Express, walk yourself to the ski bowl on the foot path and pick up your gear. The Cody Express is happy to help you load and transport neatly packaged duffel bags, coolers, bins. Please help load and unload your gear from the Cody Express and remember to label your gear so it doesn’t get mixed with other campers.

Shelters – Go ahead and bring an awesome shelter, but keep it reasonable and relevant to the number of campers in your party. Setting up an epic three-room tent for three people would not be savvy. Please take only the space you need, we’re all in this together. Talk to our camp hosts about your needs for camping, and they can direct you to the best option available.

Ambience – Make your campsite your own. Have fun, create your own gold mine themed camp, just don’t bring decorations that will fall apart and turn into trash. No glass, no fire or candles.

FREE WATER – Only the most refreshing and FREE spring water will be available on-site. Bring your own reusable water bottles and container.

Food – Whether you bring your own meals or purchase food from our vendors, remember your reusable dish ware. No Single use cups, plates or utensils. Re-package any food you bring to reduce waste and please pack out any trash. Cooking is allowed on small camp stoves, but no barbecues or fires.

Amenities: We can provide ya’ll on-site campers with these fine luxuries: free drinking water, porta-potties, wash stations, after hours performance, spontaneous acoustic music, close neighbors and a tight knit community.

Car Camping – Your are welcome to make your bed in the Ski Bowl Parking lot, but it must be inside a self contained vehicle that takes only one parking space. I.e. Vans, trucks with camper shells and dirty Subarus. No vehicles will be allowed in the Ski Bowl and Tent camping area.

Noise – Bringing your own instruments is highly encouraged! But don’t be that last person playing music when everyone else is trying to sleep. Since on-site camping is basically backstage, it might not be the best option for everyone. For most, it will be awesome.

Showers – Are available at Plumas Eureka State Park Campground for $5.

Please Don’t Bring: campfires, barbecues, glass, or pets.

Please Do Bring: Anything that makes you happy, and isn’t on the “don’t bring” list above. Check the weather forecast and prepare for mountain camping in unpredictable weather.