13 Sep

Pint Cups in your hand! Again!

Thanks to UnofficialAlpine.com and the Sierra Nevada College Student Government Association, every guest of the Lost Sierra Hoedown will receive a FREE Klean Kanteen stainless steel pint cup. Cheers to that!


In the Hoedown’s inaugural year, our effort to provide reusable cups was a huge success! We eliminated single use plastic cups from our event, and dramatically reduced our waste.

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A huge thanks goes out to UnofficialAlpine.com and the Sierra Nevada College Student Government Association for putting these cups in your hand, FOR FREE! We hope you cherish your new Hoedown souvenir and use in your life year round!

 For those of you that weren’t around last year, here’s some pro tips to make the most out of your new special cups!

• Stainless Steel pint cups work great for cold beverages! Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, water or apple juice, you name it. But if you pour fiery hot liquid in there, a burning sensation is likely to be experienced in your hands. Stainless steel conducts heat.

• Bring your own “koozie”, “huggie”, “can-cooler”, ‘beer sleeve” or “holdie coldie”. Whatever you want to call it, bring something to hold your cup in, it will help you distinguish your pint cup from everyone else’s. If your “cozy” is thick enough, you can even enjoy HOT beverages too!

• If you do not have a fabric sleeve to decorate your cup and insulate your beverage, we will provide a marker so you can write your name on your cup. CHEERS!

• Pint Rings and carabiners are available at our Merchandise tent. Purchase these accessories and you can clip your cup to stuff!