14 Sep

Crucial Hoedown Info 2017

Box office hours, shuttle schedules and maps oh my! It’s time to study up on the crucial info for a successful Hoedown. Here’s a few friendly reminders.

* Box office and parking don’t open till Thursday at noon.
* Tent camping on-site is free and there’s space for everyone.
* The Cody Express gear shuttle will help transport gear during daylight hours.
* Car camping spots are very limited and must take only one parking space.
* Off-site camping is a great option for families and car campers.

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23 Aug

Make a Sustainable Camping Plan for the Hoedown

What makes the Lost Sierra Hoedown sustainable?

It’s us! Every attendee, volunteer, artist and team member. It’s our community goal and challenge to produce less trash, use less resources, Leave No Trace and genuinely practice Simple Livin’.  The most important thing to do is build your Hoedown team early and create a sustainable camping plan to coordinate carpools, camp gear and meal plans.

Maximize fun and minimize impact – Simple Livin’

Carpooling is fun for everyone and the perks are endless. If you show up in the same car as your friends, choosing and finding your campsite is easy. It’s also helpful for sharing gear, so no one ends up hauling unnecessary  gear into the ski bowl.

Gear share. Some say that the walking path from the parking lot to the ski bowl is mighty steep. When you collaborate with your friends on gear, no one needs to haul in unnecessary extra equipment. Pack light but smart with your friends. There’s always room on the Cody Express gear shuttle for small well packaged loads.  Rent, borrow, and share gear instead of buying new to minimize your camping footprint.

Pack Your Trash. The Hoedown provides receptacles for recycling and compost, but it’s up to every individual to pack out their trash. The best way to avoid ending a triumphant hoedown by wrestling a large bag of smelly trash is to plan ahead. With help from Sierra Watch, we’ve taken the first step to eliminate single use cups. You will receive a free Hoedown cup at the gate that works great for frosty pints, coffee, soup and more. Bringing your own reusable utensils and plates cancels out even more trash. Remember, fresh mountain spring water is free and abundant so no need for bottled water at this Hoedown.

Food Options. Visit the Plumas Ski Club Cafe, Taqueria Maria’s food truck, or feed yourself. Either way, bring your own plate and utensils. If you do choose to bring and cook your own food, bring items that aren’t overly packaged. Buy bulk and local from a market like the Quincy Natural Foods Co-op. Professionals Hoedowners often bring homemade snacks in reusable containers but purchase most meals from vendors to save time for bootstompin’ and adventure instead of cooking and dishwashing. Plus, Plumas Ski Club will be grilling up delicious burgers and more to raise money to keep community skiing activities alive at Johnsville. 

During the Hoedown, practice Simple Livin’. Try to leave your vehicles parked for the weekend and practice human powered recreation i.e. biking, hiking, swimming and exploring. Learn more about Simple Livin’ here.



About the venue

The Lost Sierra Hoedown is the only event of its kind to take place inside a State Park in California. The venue is remote, surreal, stunning, and natural… and we like it that way. It is a massive privilege to have such an event inside the State Park, and it is only possible with the utmost respect for the site. By planning ahead and keeping sustainability in mind, we can leave the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl and Plumas Eureka State Park in better shape than we found it for the fifth year in a row.

15 Aug

Protected: Sierra Watch Sponsors Lost Sierra Hoedown

 At the Hoedown it feels good to be immersed in the outdoors.

The landscape is painted with earthy golds and foliage green. The air is fresh and the pines offer cool shade. We are able to relax and recharge amidst the natural environment. As the Plumas Ski Club works hard to make thoughtful renovations to the Johnsville Ski Bowl, they maintain one purpose, to promote community skiing activities.

It’s not the first Hoedown for the Sierra Watch crew, gotta love that Keep Squaw True cornhole. Photo: Mark Steinlein

But what about natural spaces that aren’t managed with community and environment forward goals? Sierra Watch is a 501 (c)(3) public charity with a mission to protect the Sierra Nevada now and forever. It is an organization built to ensure that long lasting land-use decisions are made for the right reasons, with the best information, and with the timeless values of the Sierra at heart.

Right now Sierra Watch is the only thing that stands between North Lake Tahoe and development of a kind, and on a scale, the region has never seen.  Despite fierce local opposition, Placer County recently gave developers the green light for two projects that together threaten everything we love about the Tahoe Sierra—a massive expansion of high rise condo hotel development and in an indoor water park in Tahoe’s Squaw Valley and a sprawling plan, known as Martis Valley West, for 662 acres of luxury second homes on the ridge between Northstar and the Tahoe Basin. Sierra Watch is leading the effort to Keep Squaw True and has filed multiple legal challenges to stop both ill-conceived development schemes, and move the region towards more responsible plans consistent with the lasting conservation of one of our favorite Sierra places.

You can find out more, and get more involved by heading to www.sierrawatch.org.

Reusable cups provided by Sierra Watch for 17′

 For 2017, we are psyched to announce that Sierra Watch and Lost Sierra Hoedown are joining forces to inspire land stewardship throughout the Hoedown and beyond.  It’s an obvious relationship, after all Sierra Watch exists to protect places like Johnsville from the destructive impacts of land use decisions that threaten communities like the one that has grown up around the Plumas Ski Club and the Lost Sierra Hoedown.

Given the alignment of values it’s not surprising that at least one member of Sierra Watch’s staff has enjoyed every Lost Sierra Hoedown starting when Staff Attorney Isaac Silverman stumbled upon the last day of the rain soaked 2013 festival while mountain biking in the area. He’s only missed one since.  Executive Director Tom Mooers discovered it on his own through unofficial alpine and took his son in 2014. Field Representative Chase Schweitzer went to his first Hoedown last year to celebrate his sister’s birthday. 

Willy Tea rocking the resuable at Lost Sierra 16′. Photo: Andrew Quist.

 Thanks to Sierra Watch, everyone at the Hoedown this year will receive a Klean Kanteen reusable pint cup, which completely eliminates single use cups. This simple act prevents thousands of plastic cups from heading to the landfill and keeps litter off the ground.

Grab a frosty pint of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale from our friends at the Plumas Ski Club, (100% beer sales go to Plumas Ski Club) and head on over to the Sierra Watch tent. Sierra Watch staff will be there with the latest updates on their campaign and information on how to get involved. Sierra Watch and Keep Squaw True merchandise will be available along with inspiring conversation and fierce cornhole tournaments. 

14 Apr

2017 Lineup Announced!

Lost Sierra Hoedown is proud to announce our one-of-a-kind artfully curated lineup for 2017! Get your soul ready for huge talent to grace Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl. We’ve put together playlists on Spotify and Youtube for you enjoyment, check em’ out!

01 Oct

Missing The Hoedown Spirit?

Are you missing the spirit of the Lost Sierra Hoedown? We are too! So this morning we’re posting this throwback video of Willy Tea Taylor from the 2014 event. It will bring you right back to the Johnsville Ski Bowl. We’re also throwing out the code “WILLY”, which will get you 10% off on this year’s leftover merchandise in the online store. There’s still a pretty good selection when it comes to various tee shirts, but not if you wait too long!


18 Sep

The 2016 Lost Sierra Hoedown Is Four Days Away

As the seasons change from summer to fall this Thursday, the fourth Lost Sierra Hoedown will get underway. Tickets will be available online through Wednesday at midnite. There will likely be some tickets available at the box office as well. If you’re friends haven’t bought their tickets yet, it’s time to give them that final nudge.

We’re also closing in on filling up our volunteer staff for this year. If you signed up to volunteer but haven’t received your schedule yet, let us know you’re still interested. If you haven’t yet signed up, there’s still some shifts to cover late nights, Sunday and Monday. We’re finalizing that schedule on Tuesday. See the Volunteer page for more info.

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16 Jun

Abalone Grey releases tour documentary.

Ever wonder how a band comes to be? What it’s like to go on tour?

This short documentary covers our friends Abalone Grey as they set out on their first tour in 2015. The final stop is The Lost Sierra Hoedown, where good times and super jams commence. The Hoedown segment comes at about 16:00, but the whole film is a great watch. This video was crafted with style and grace by digital arts extraordinaire, Ian Spilman.

“I just felt super lucky and super blessed to have my daughter experience something so family friendly and so loving, and everybody is just an incredibly talented musician.” – Kat Factor on the Lost Sierra Hoedown.

Abalone Grey Tour PosterAbalone Grey is at it again, playing shows in Northern California, Oregon and Washington, check them out on their way to the 4th Annual Lost Sierra Hoedown Sept. 22-25, 2016.